The twTWMDA Booko decades from 1945 to 1965 in Singapore was a period of extraordinary political turmoil in the modern histories of Malaya, Malaysia and then Singapore.

The end of war and Japanese occupation unleashed concerted demands for greater political representation, self-rule and independence. The British facing similar demands elsewhere in its colonies, tried to manage the process of decolonisation that would help to keep its economic and military interests. It instituted constitutional changes on one hand and carried out policies of control and suppressions on the hand. These policies elicited responses and struggles that would to defined and shaped the course of history taken. While Singapore history of social political activism is a trial of remarkable group of men and women who advanced radical agenda of anti-colonialism, democracy, multiculturalism and social justice, it had exacted tremendous cost in term of the thousands of years of unlawful incarcerations of the country best talents.

The Internal Security Act is a tool of political suppressions, originated as an “Emergency Regulations” that suspense the rule of law, morphed into Public Security Ordinance (PPSO) and then codified as a security law. It was a colonial design of political suppression to forestall the independence and self determination political its colonies. The local natural aristocrats after assuming power from the colonial master found it useful and political expedient to continue use and refine it to hold on power.



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