People Don’t Care

History has shown that people don’t care
About how politicians manage the country’s affairs.
As long as their families and friends are all right
They cannot be bothered with anyone’s plight.
They cannot be bothered with the myriad of laws
That sail through parliament like tropical rainfall.
They cannot be bothered till one day they find
The good lives they have must be left far behind.

Indefinite detention without trial though unfair
Means nothing to people too  busy to care.
For those who must suffer the fate of detention
It’s bad luck for them, their families and relations.

Politicians don’t care about how they feel or fare
In parliament and at functions
They justify their actions.
The prisononers are guilty
Of crimes against the country
The prisoners are subversives
From statements they give.

In silence they suffer and wait for the day
When freedom is given and for truth to prevail.
In silence they suffer defamation and helplessness
Anxiety, deprivation, anger and loneliness.

A few may proceed
To the courts with their plea
To be judged by their action
And be freed from detention.
But if the courts grant their plea
And they are set free
Then outside the gate
The officers wait
To take them right back
To the cells they have left.
Parliament will see
That the laws with great speed
Are amended to rectify
The errors the courts find.

The public ignore the passing of laws
There are rules in life that they must abide
And there is so much to do that keeps them busy too.
What is a few persons from 2.7 million?
The government is might
The government is right
The people stay clear
They plug their ears
They shut their eyes
Let the few die.

Accused of subversion
Detained for rehabilitation
Quickly forgotten
With indefinite detention.

Teo Soh Lung
May 1990

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