The Movie1 The Actors3 The Actors2 The Actors1 Tambaya speaking2 Tambaya speaking Speech Songbook Song Sheet SingALong9 SingALong8 SingALong7 SingALong6 SingALong5 SingALong4 SingALong3 SingALong2 SingALong1 Signing in2 Signing in SellingBooks2 SellingBooks Selling Books PSM Organiser2 Organiser1 OneForTheAlbum1 MC2 MC1 LimHockKoon3 LimHockKoon2 LimHockKoon Invite Guest20 Guest19 Guest18 Guest17 Guest16 Guest15 Guest14 Guest13 Guest12 Guest11 Guest10 Guest9 Guest8 Guest7 Guest6 Guest5 Guest4 Guest3 Guest2 Guest1 ForTheAlbum4 ForTheAlbum3 ForTheAlbum2 Dr Tambayah Dr Poh Speech Dr Poh & Guest Banner1 Autograph1 60th AnniversaryDr Poh Speech

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