Series #11 – Coldstore And Beyond

Coldstore and Beyond
A Workshop on Research Directions in Singapore History


2-4 pm, Saturday 11 January 2014 @ Muse House, 22 Marshall Road

A spate of writings has recently surfaced on the history of the leftwing movement in Singapore and its premature termination by Operation Coldstore (1963) and subsequent crackdowns. What next, we might ask? What other historical questions will deepen our understanding of the past?

Coldstore was not merely the end of political pluralism in Singapore after World War II, but the catalyst for a new history. There are still largely unexplored histories of the one-party state after Coldstore, of foreign investment-driven industrialization, of transforming landscapes and nature, and of engineering people into citizens.

Bold, innovative research does not finish with Coldstore but has only just begun. This workshop opens a dialogue on future directions for researching the history, memory and heritage of Singapore.

Dr Hong Lysa, independent scholar

Dr P. J. Thum, National University of Singapore (History)
Dr Loh Kah Seng, Sogang University (History)
Dr Imran Tajudeen, National University of Singapore (Architecture)

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