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Chronicles of Singapore Political Prisoners: Chen Mei He

Tan Mei Hua (陈美和), a member of Barisan Sosialis and a writer today, was arrested on 26 Oct 1966 and released on 3 July 1973. Tan Mei Hua together with many others were arrested in October 1966 because they had … Continue reading

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Function 8 and Community Action Network (CAN) are deeply troubled and saddened by the arrest of artist Seelan Palay outside Parliament House on Sunday, 1 Oct 2017. He has been released on police bail since yesterday and is subjected to … Continue reading

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Statement on Police Investigation into Anti-Death Penalty Supporters

4th September 2017 Function 8 condemns the police harassment of anti-death penalty activists who held a vigil outside Changi Prison on the night of 13 July 2017 for Prabagaran Srivijayan who was to be executed at dawn on 14 July … Continue reading

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非政府组织“功能8”就2017年6月4日年轻人在地铁车厢进行无声阅读新书《1987年马克思主义阴谋30年》,疑将被警方传召调查问话的事件发表声明,声明全文如下: 1987年的“光谱行动”逮捕行动中,全然由于一个捏造的阴谋,让当时许多政治拘留者经历了殴打、冷气房审讯、剥夺睡眠权利以及单独监禁等非人道的待遇,施暴者包括政府公务员。他们的经历在我们于2107年5月21日发布的《1987年马克思主义阴谋30年》的新书里,经已详细记载。 国人在阅读这本书之后,选择以他们自己的方式公开表达反对“光谱行动”滥用权利的行动,但警方却要传召他们进行问话调查,我们对此深切感到遗憾。 这些参与者就是要知道(当年“光谱行动”)事件的真相,他们呼吁为那些不经审讯的政治拘留者诉求正义,但有人偏偏要掩人耳目、欲盖弥彰,这是极其可悲的。尤其可悲的是,这起事件却发生在一个号称属于第一世界国家的新加坡。 我们呼吁政府调查前政治拘留者所遭受的虐待,并作出适当的赔偿,其结果料将更具意义。 “功能8”全体成员

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Statement (6 June 2017)

In 1987, many of the detainees of Operation Spectrum suffered assaults, cold-room interrogations, severe sleep deprivation and solitary confinement for a fabricated conspiracy. Perpetrators of that violence included employees of the State. These are detailed in a recent Function 8 publication, … Continue reading

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Debunking a 30-year-old Conspiracy

30 years on, details of the Internal Security arrests codenamed Operation Spectrum have only just come to light, first in Teo Soh Lung’s book, Beyond the Blue Gate, and more recently, in Jason Soo’s film, 1987: Untracing the Conspiracy. The … Continue reading

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Amos Yee and Political Asylum

 “Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.” Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 14(1). Amos Yee has now been granted asylum by the United States on the grounds of persecution by the … Continue reading

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