Function 8 is raising funds for FFF 2015.


Function 8 is raising funds for an exciting lineup of films at the Freedom Filmfest 2015. Please give generously! This is the 4th year  Function 8  is presenting the event. Freedom Film Festival (FFF) is an annual human rights documentary film festival established in 2003 by Pusat KOMAS, Malaysia. Through an annual film competition, video workshops and film screenings, FFF aims to create a vital platform to showcase outstanding human rights documentaries, often unseen, unheard and untold, owing to its lack of commercial backing and the control of mainstream media

FFF Singapore 2015 inaugurated a SGD 5,000  film grant for the best shortlisted proposals. Three proposals were selected to pitch before Anna Har, Director of Pusat KOMAS, Brenda, a documentary filmmaker and producer, Lena Hendry, festival manager of FFF and Noor Effendy Ibrahim, former Artistic Director of the Substation on 18 April.

Freedom Film Fest film grants encourage the public to use the video medium as a tool for social documentation and film-making. Technological advances have brought about a democratising effect to film-making in recent years; with a video camera in hand, any individual or community can share their story in the way they want to tell it, and express their skills and passion to produce socially relevant films. FFF has been bringing you socially relevant human rights films and documentaries since 2003.

Since its inauguration, FFF Singapore has always had the good fortune of getting help from dedicated volunteers. Screening expenses were funded by donations from supporters and well wishers. This year, Function 8 decided to take a bigger step forward by enlarging the footprint of this festival:

– there will be two days of screening
– a bigger screening hall to accommodate a bigger audience
– a professional to curate the event,
– a film grant for the best Singapore filmmakers
– a series fringe screenings.
F8 Bank DetailsWe will need to have a bigger and more sustainable budget to match. We have been working on a budget of SGD 20,000. We look forward to your generous support in helping us raise this amount.

How the funds will be used
All money raised in this funding project will go towards the expenses and organisation of this year’s FFF Singapore scheduled for November 14 & 15. We will be raising funds in tiers:

First SGD5,000 – This is for the film grant for Singapore filmmaker. We are pleased to announce that this grant has been given to the successful candidate at the pitching session held in April.
Next SGD10,000 – This will allow us to engage a curator, pay the rent for the venue which can accommodate more than 150 people and pay for publicity collaterals and incidental expenses to be incurred for the  two days of screening.
Final SGD5,000 – Will supplement the travelling budget of the organising committee  in their participation in the regional FFF screenings. We also plan to sponsor the winners of FFF film grants to showcase and present their work in the regional screenings.

Supporter of FFF Singapore
Every bit counts in supporting us in our work. And to show our gratitude, we will send you an e-card as a token of our appreciation!

$50+ Reward
Every year at FFF Singapore, we will have T-shirts of unique designs and colours, related to the theme of the event!

This reward is specifically for the first 100 supporters giving us $50 and above in our fund raising.

T-shirts 2015

$100+ Reward
For supporters contributing $100 and more, beside the T-shirt you will be invited to private screenings of selected films, to be organised separately from the festival.

$500+ Reward
Patron of Freedom FilmFest Singapore

To thank individuals who strongly support this platform, we extend this special award with an invitation to all Function 8’s events, and a free book gift from AGORA Bookvillage.

$1000+ Reward
Advocate of Freedom FilmFest Singapore

To thank individuals who believe in this endeavour to provide independent storyteller, whose stories illuminates people, issues, countries and communities or events in powerful ways, giving others a chance to deepen their understanding of the realities unknown to them, we extend this special invitation to all Function 8 events and  3 free book gifts from AGORA Bookvillage..


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For computers, it means to start again in safe mode. For us, we hope we can also start again in safe mode. But it's more like re-booting our systems and starting from much needed basics for democracy in Singapore.
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