50th Anniversary of Operation Cold Store


Hours before the dawn of 2 February 1963, the governments of Singapore, the Federation of Malaya and Britain launched “Operation Cold Store.” More than 120 left wing activists were arrested and detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA). They included leaders and key members of Barisan Sosialis, Partai Rakyat, trade unions, university students’ unions and other organisations.

More arrests were carried out on 26 September and 8 October of the same year. Such ruthless persecution and infringement of human rights has continued in Singapore till today.

Detainees were incarcerated for decades without trial. Lee Tee Tong  and the late Dr Lim Hock Siew were detained for 20 years; Said Zahari, Dr Poh Soo Kai and the late Ho Piao for 17 years and Chia Thye Poh a record  32 years. Many others were banished from Singapore or forced to flee. Tai Yuan, for example, was banished to Hong Kong after 8 years of imprisonment.

50 years have passed since Operation Cold Store.  A good number of the political detainees had departed without restitution for the injustice done to them.  In commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Operation Cold Store, we remember the young men and women who sacrificed their youth in pursuit of their dream for an independent Malaya embracing Singapore and building a multicultural nation in which all communities would enjoy equality and respect for human rights and democracy. 

Come and join us.

 Date: Saturday, 2 February 2013

Time: 4pm – 7pm

Venue:  Hong Lim Park, Singapore  


About fn8org

For computers, it means to start again in safe mode. For us, we hope we can also start again in safe mode. But it's more like re-booting our systems and starting from much needed basics for democracy in Singapore.
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