List of ISA Detainees since 1954

Arrests and detentions under the Internal Security Act (ISA) and its predecessors, the Emergency Regulations Ordinance, 1948 and the Preservation of Public Security Ordinance, 1955 (PPSO) have never been collated.  Only the government possess a complete record of people arrested, imprisoned or banished.

There is also no record of people who left Singapore because they threatened with arrest under the ISA.

According to The Straits Times of 28 October 1956, 234 people were detained under the PPSO. Only 89 of the 234 people are listed below.

Hansard of February 1963 listed 110 people detained on 2 February 1963 (Operation Cold Store). In the list below, 121 persons were detained on that day. It is not clear if the names in Hansard excluded those arrested, interrogated and released before the issue of a detention order i.e. within 30 days of arrest as permitted by the ISA.

The Straits Times of 28 May 1976 reported the arrest of 50 people. Only 27 people are located in the list.

We hope a Truth and Reconciliation Commission will one day determine who and why people were arrested under the ISA.

List of ISA Detainees since 1954:
ISADetainees final

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4 Responses to List of ISA Detainees since 1954

  1. B. Kang says:

    I seem to find a few names missing from the list (Nantah students I know who were detained for a number of years in 60s/70s, they were not charged in court, therefore must have been under ISA), why?

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